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Solar Pool Blanket Instructions for installation and use

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Suncap® Solar Bubble Warranty

Sealed Air is very proud of the quality of its Suncap® range of solar bubble film. That is why Sealed Air Australia backs its products with the longest warranties globally. Its extensive research and Development to create the perfect pool bubble means that Sealed Air is able to stand by its products with a pro rata warranty of 5 years for its 500um range.


  1. What the Warranty covers

    If the product becomes defective during the warranty period, or if our workmanship was faulty, we will credit you for the cost of the material.

  2. What the Warranty does not cover

    Ordinary wear and tear which is not a defect in the material, and any defects in workmanship by the fabricator. In addition, the Warranty will be voided if the customer:

    • Fails to comply with the fabricators installation instructions
    • Does not comply with safe storage requirements
    • Subjects the blanket to conditions which result in tears, cuts or damage
    • Stores the blanket at temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius
    • Allows chlorine levels to be consistently higher than normal
  3. How it works

    We calculate the credit amount on a pro-rata basis from when the product was purchased by the end-user. The pro-rata period is calculated as follows:

    1. A full credit for the cost of material will be granted in the first 2 years from the fabricators customer purchase date.
    2. In year 3 a credit will be given for 80% of the material cost
    3. In year 4 a credit will be given for 60% of the material cost
    4. In year 5 a credit will be given for 40% of the material cost

    NOTE: The cost of the material refers to the selling price per square metre from Sealed Air to the fabricator.

  4. Period of coverage

    Sealed Air Australia warrants all "SUNCAP" products for the time period specified below.

    SUNCAP 250 - 2 Years
    SUNCAP 300 - 3 Years
    SUNCAP 400 - 4 Years
    SUNCAP 500 - 5 Years

  5. How you make a claim

    Please send a sample of the material with a photograph and a completed Sealed Air "Non-Conformance" form and forward it to your Sealed Air Sales Consultant to the below address

    Sealed Air Australia
    Unit 10/ 3 Burrows Road
    St Peters NSW 2044

Important "Suncap" Blanket Care Instructions

  • Never leave the rolled or folded blanket in the sun when it's not being used on the pool. Folded blankets should be kept in a safe area out of direct sunlight and exposure to outdoor weather conditions. Recommended storage areas include and enclosed garden shed or enclosed garage. If the blanket is on a solar reel, an approved over-cover must be applied when the blanket is not in use.
  • Chlorine levels must not exceed 1.5 to 2.0 PPM in accordance with Australian Standard AS3633-1989. Particular care should be taken when salt chlorinators are used to avoid the build-up of chlorine beneath the blanket.
  • Floating chlorine dispensers must not be used under blankets.

Note: Failure to comply with these requirements will void the Warranty. Download the instructions as a PDF file.


Product specifications, brands and availability may vary depending on your geographic location.